Helpful Hints

Basic care of your violin
  1. Always keep your violin and bow in the case when not in use. BE SURE TO CLOSE THE CASE.
  2. WIPE the rosin powder off the instrument and the wooden part of the bow after each playing.
  3. LOOSEN the bow hair when not using the bow.
  4. DO NOT TIGHTEN the bow so much that it removes the arch in the stick when playing. (Discuss this with your teacher)
  5. Check your violin to see that the BRIDGE is tilted slightly towards the tailpiece. (If not, NOTIFY YOUR TEACHER)
  6. String adjusters should NOT be turned all the way down. It mars the top of your violin.
  7. Never loosen the strings; KEEP them IN TUNE at all times.
  8. Glue torn or skuffed places in your case to avoid further damage. BE CAREFUL - DON'T GET GLUE ALL OVER YOUR CASE.
  9. DO NOT PUT MUSIC in your case.